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To check current road conditions in the Cottonwood Canyons, scroll down for the UDOT Traffic Cameras in each canyon, which are listed in uphill order. You can also view the weather forecast, and get to the UDOT Road Weather Forecast page from here. The UDOT Road Weather Forecast will tell show you where the snow plows are working during a storm, road surface conditions, temperature, weather, and more! The google map below displays the traffic conditions for both Big (S.R. 190) and Little (S.R. 210.) Cottonwood Canyon.

Little Cottonwood Traffic Cameras

Wasatch Blvd @ Little Cottonwood

Intersection of Hwy 209 & Hwy 210

Little Cottonwood MP 5.96

Little Cottonwood MP 7.4

Little Cottonwood MP 8.7

Little Cottonwood @ White Pine Parking MP 9.2

Little Cottonwood @ Alta Bypass MP 10.95

Little Cottonwood @ Alta MP 12.16

Big Cottonwood Traffic Cameras

Wasatch Blvd @ Big Cottonwood Canyon

Dogwood MP 4.1

Big Cottonwood @ S Curves MP 6.38

Big Cottonwood @ Cardiff Fork MP 10.74

Big Cottonwood @ Silver Fork MP 12.54

9400 S/S.R. 209

Little Cottonwood Rd 3335 E SR209 @ Old Wasatch Blvd 9710 S GNT

9400 S Little Cottonwood Rd SR209 @ 2300 E Quail Hollow Dr SND

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Little Cottonwood Canyon


Big Cottonwood Canyon


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