Cottonwood Canyons Avalanche Information //

UDOT uses explosives and artillery to trigger avalanches that threaten public roads throughout Utah, including in the Cottonwood Canyons. Avalanche control cannot take place if people are near targets so prior to control work specific backcountry areas and roads are temporarily closed under the authority of local law enforcement. The following Cottonwood Canyons avalanche information helps to paint a picture of the avalanche danger in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

There are 64 slide paths in Little Cottonwood Canyon alone, with over half the 9 miles of S.R. 210 (LCC) threatened by avalanches. In fact, 76% of the upper 2.6 miles of the road passing through Snowbird and the town of Alta is in avalanche paths, as are over 50 buildings. Because of this, the road is fully closed with exception to authorized personnel during avalanche control work.

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Little Cottonwood Slide Path Zones

Do’s and Don’ts for Avalanche Road Closures

Little Cottonwood Slides/Debris

Backcountry Users

Prepare for a great day of enjoying the #GreatestSnowOnEarth by respecting all UDOT avalanche backcountry and road closures and learning more about avalanche conditions outside of resort boundaries. Backcountry closures begin before planned avalanche road closures to ensure complete evacuation, with a typical closure starting at 10 p.m. the night before control work. Please respect these closures to protect yourself, the public, and future access for backcountry users.

Parking Areas: After large storms, UDOT may close the gates to the Spruces (Big Cottonwood) and White Pine Trailhead parking areas (Little Cottonwood) for snow removal work to create more parking spaces. Keep a look out for gate closures by following @UDOTCottonwoods on social media.

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